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I love to drive. In fact, I have a passion for trucks. The view from the seat of a tractor trailer gives driving an altogether different meaning. Nothing outside the cab has changed. The only difference is the vaulted perspective on the road.

Hello. My name is Brian Hershey. Son. Brother. Husband. Father of three. Youth worker. Cousin. Nephew. Uncle. Part-time school bus and truck driver. Business owner. Yeah, I wear a lot hats, as most of us do. And for many of us, life feels like the “hammer lane” — that is the left lane, the lane we use (or should use) to pass slower traffic.

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You see, the cab of a semi is a place of solitude for me. It is a place of quiet reflection amid the chaos of life, a chance to see my life, family, work, and current issues from a different angle. It is a chance to escape. It’s an opportunity to change lanes, to ride in the “right lane” for awhile, to slow down…and reflect.

This blog is my “truck stop” of sorts, a place for me to pull over and gather my thoughts. So, I invite you to journey me as I navigate the highways of life! Thanks for visiting!


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