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Seminary and the Soul

Someone recently made this comment: “People do what you inspect; not what you expect.” For weeks now this simple statement has echoed in my head like a yodeler’s mountain call. It forces me to examine life anew. I begin with … Continue reading

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Punished for Doing Right?

Ever feel like you can’t get anything right? I thought of this question again when I read how one father’s afternoon went recently. He was taking his young son to feed the ducks at a nearby lake. In typical toddler … Continue reading

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How Do You Define Success?

You can learn a lot about a guy by the way he defines success. It telegraphs his values, priorities, and entire approach to his work. Consequently, it is important that ministry leaders clearly define what they mean by “success.” I … Continue reading

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The Path Less Traveled Sparks Ongoing Debate

Why the Ten Commandments can’t be cut to six | Fox News. So this news piece by Lauren Green caught my eye. The thesis of her article concerning a U.S. District Judge’s attempt to resolve a dispute between the ACLU … Continue reading

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None So Blind

Christian Teens Say Gay Activist Made Girls Cry | FOX News & Commentary: Todd Starnes. This news story has arrested my attention this week. It is about a national journalism conference for high school-aged teens in Seattle hosted by  National Scholastic Press Association … Continue reading

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